The WORMAiD ...

* WORMAiD (Name: Worm Aid)

Professional 3x3 ( 3X3 ) basketball player Tomoya Ochiai

This project was established with the desire to convey the experiences and feelings cultivated in 3x3 basketball to children in the future, and to pursue dreams with children while playing active roles.

Comment by Tomoya Ochiai:

Unlike 5-player basketball, 3x3 cannot be instructed by the manager or coach during the match, and players play while thinking about player changes, tactics, and timeouts. Not only communication with friends, but also the ability to organize the game is required, and independence is cultivated in 3x3.

And as the individual responsibility is greater, you will inevitably have a strong feeling that you will decide the game.

I've actually played a lot of overseas and domestic games myself, but I've come this far with the desire to succeed in 3x3 and make 3x3 more major, and the hungry spirit of victory.

At WORMAiD , I would like to convey to children the importance of independence, the power to break through individually, and the strength of the heart.

The project also focuses on developing world-class players, conducting 3x3 specialized clinics both in Japan and overseas, and aiming to produce Japanese national players from the academy in the future.