What is ACADEMY?

Children aiming to become 3x3 professional players who can play an active role in the world,

It will be held by children who have attended the "WORMA iD Clinic" and experienced "3x3" all over the country.

Learn the difference in movement / viewpoint and technique from the 5-person system from the coaching menu supervised by Tomoya Ochiai.

We aim to develop athletes who can compete in the world in the future through "voluntary individual development" through English conversation and local volunteers as well as technology.

We carry out short-term training camp-style schools such as "summer training". Learn 3x3 with practical skills and classroom lectures.

Assuming about 3 nights and 4 days.

Also, with the aim of becoming a first-class athlete,

・ Learning

・ Courtesy (greetings, etc.)

・ Community volunteer activities (cleaning the town in the morning, etc.)

Also include important content.